What they are saying about Spiritual Discovery...
Tran and Boyd have translated the spiritual direction work of Jane Vennard into a powerful model for group discernment and individual transformation. Like all spiritual direction, this model requires patience, dedication, and love, but the benefits in community are enormous.
— Amy Frykholm, Associate Editor The Christian Century
Tran and Boyd have shared their experience and wisdom with us in this practical guide about the lifelong process of spiritual discovery and discernment. They have beautifully woven together the artistry of discovery and the skilled craft of discernment through the hospitality of storytelling, the gift of holy listening, and the power of silence.
— Gil W. Stafford

Spiritual Discovery describes a spiritual discernment method which was created to help groups as they engage in any kind of thoughtful discernment, either for individuals in the group or for the group itself. The Spiritual Discovery Method begins with a Prayer Model—a process for guiding prayer in small groups designed by Jane E. Vennard. This Model is followed by a time of thoughtful exploration and discussion. The Prayer Model introduces elements of silence, story telling, and spiritual reflection into the entire decision-making proceeding. The result is decision-making that draws on both the spirit and the intellect and has the added benefit of significant growth and change in the communities touched by the group and its members. The Spiritual Discovery Method facilitates thoughtful discernment, encouraging groups and individuals to attend to how they make decisions.

This book addresses the essentials for practicing the Method as well as describing some of its challenges. The authors provide concrete examples illustrating how groups have successfully used this Method to bring about spiritual growth and change. They show how skills participants develop as they practice the Spiritual Discovery Method can be put to use in the everyday world, ready to be called upon for decision-making in any setting. The Spiritual Discovery Method has proven to be a powerful instrument for achieving positive change and this book helps readers implement this process in their own lives and communities.