Tran and Boyd have given us an invaluable, in-depth yet practical tool for using their spiritual discovery method—along with suggestions about its multiple applications in group settings. What a different world we might have if we all became compassionate observers and practiced the spiritual discovery method! (Margaret F. Arms Ph.D, Spiritual Director; Instructor, Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program)

Spiritual Discovery is a beautifully accessible resource and clearly the fruit of much experience with group discernment. The authors’ combination of practical counsel and spiritual insight is nourishing throughout. Groups using this book will not only receive an extensively tested model of discernment but also discover fresh possibilities for discernment in their own unique setting. (Stephen V. Doughty, Author of "To Walk in Integrity")

Adapted from Jane Vennard's practice of group prayer, Tran and Boyd give us the fruit of years of experience and provide careful attention to each aspect of this spiritual discernment model. Those who are discernment guides will want to have this book.
(Daniel Prechtel, Founder and Spiritual Director, Lamb & Lion Spiritual Guidance Ministries, Assisting Priest, All Souls Episcopal Parish, Berkeley)

The ancient practice of spiritual direction has caught the attention of many segments of the church in the last few decades, but congregations often struggle to identify how this practice can shape the ethos of their communities today. In this thought-provoking, practical book, Tran and Boyd help congregations take a significant step toward integrating spiritual direction into their personal and communal discernment processes. Any pastor or lay person would benefit greatly from exploring and implementing the Prayer Model and Spiritual Discovery Method described in this book. (Angela H. Reed, George W. Truett Theological Seminary)

Tran and Boyd have shared their experience and wisdom with us in this practical guide about the lifelong process of spiritual discovery and discernment. They have beautifully woven together the artistry of discovery and the skilled craft of discernment through the hospitality of storytelling, the gift of holy listening, and the power of silence. (Gil W. Stafford, author of "When Leadership and Spiritual Direction Meet")

Tran and Boyd have translated the spiritual direction work of Jane Vennard into a powerful model for group discernment and individual transformation. Like all spiritual direction, this model requires patience, dedication, and love, but the benefits in community are enormous.
(Amy Frykholm, associate editor, "The Christian Century")